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Dzoran Hafidz says:

She is a true cooking legend

geezus says:

never thought that someday im gonna read watermelon chicken

Dawn's Star says:

What a beautiful thing to have your gran keep traditions in this day and age, and to show such respect to her. Shows a respectable family….something us Americans lack in so many ways.
Our grans are  busy trying to look and act younger and  worry about their fixed income so they can buy their 10 or more prescription medications here. Uggh!

Prabhu Prajapati says:

mast dadi
i l o v e y o u

akshay bandewar says:

Grannies rock,man!Video reminded me of my granny whos no more but she was a great cook…

Farhan Akmal says:

Send my regards to your nanny sir. From Malaysia with love!

shiv shankar says:

pura mood fresh ho gya

Gens World says:

I Love her <3

Nuno Santos says:

very nice video… funny grand mother

maaz khan says:

she is one hundred and 6 years old hit one like for her

Sridhar Ponakanti says:

i wish i would have my grandparents. i can have those tasty foods with their hands

Arghya Jana says:

oh wow how cool is that… respect..

Eli Mayor says:

I'm wearing a headset and I heard a fly. instantly I tried to drive the fly away but I remember I don't have a fly in my room..

Sanyukta singh says:

I love my granny so much n god may bless this lovely granny too

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