Quick Easy Festive Appetizer Recipe for the Holidays

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Looking for a delicious, quick and easy appetizer for the holidays, but you don’t have time to bake? I have just the recipe for you.

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Rachel Cusumano says:

What a great and simple recipe. I can actually do this quick if I'm in a rush. Thanks for a great recipe idea Jen! I bet they were gone fast, look so yummy.

Margaret Hess says:

That will be the perfect thing to bring to people who may have food allergies! I'll be making that.

Sue~tsnbjj says:

Looks really tasty.  Allergies to goats cheese in our family.  =(

Suzy Keleher says:

Definitely going to make this Saturday to take to our big family Christmas! !! Thank you Jen!

Kendal Maxwell says:

Jen, do you know the name of your granite? I am looking for a white granite and I love yours 🙂

licoreen says:

Thanks! Will try this with cream cheese and your homemade granola for a Christmas breakfast party.

Adele Tome says:

I'm definitely going to make that, Jen. Thanks!

Luella R says:

Do you think that cream cheese would work OK instead of the goat cheese? It looks very pretty and good.

Marie Sprowl says:

I think I will try this, My older son loves all the ingredients in this, so I can bring it to his house Christmas Day

Kitchen Livin' with Shay says:

Quick, easy and fabulous!

s Elam says:

When will you do a video of your tree???

Angela Fleming says:

my in-laws would love this!!

UpLiftingHome says:

Oooh, this looks so good. TFS.

The Fit and Fabuless Mama says:

Sounds amazing…yum! – Kim

pinkskyprintables says:

That looks sooooo good!! 🙂

Haley Pratt says:

Looks delish! I might tweak the recipe a little and make a vegan version 🙂

Keri122 says:

Oh, I'm trying this! What brand of goad cheese do you prefer? I'm not terribly familiar with goat cheese

bunnybrooklynn says:

This looks so yummy!

Angie Jackson says:

Looks very yummy – I am going to have to try this!!  Thanks for sharing.

Family Days says:

That looks so pretty AND delicious! Yum! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Jessica Hoag says:

wow those are so pretty and they look delicious

Saadia Agadir says:

give me one apel hh

Saadia Agadir says:

yuumiiii it's very beutiful

Kimberly Lynn says:

That looks delicious!  What type of goat cheese do you use?  Thanks for sharing.  Love all of your videos! =D

sharie says:

i can see a wide variation for this recipe. i like apples, walnuts or almonds.
thanks for the idea.

mason jar memories says:

Definitely gonna give this one a try! So pretty for the holidays! 🙂

Jenny Herman says:

Great for an allergy friendly appetizer!

Marriage & Motherhood says:

Yum! Anything with goat cheese catches my eye. I posted a nice Brie appetizer recipe on my channel. Thanks for sharing!

the Happiest Homemaker Ever says:

It looks festive and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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