Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe Tamagoyaki – Eugenie Kitchen

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Learn how to make egg rolls. It’s a simple and easy egg recipe, tamagoyaki omelette. Find Egg Roll recipe here:
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Eugenie Kitchen
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Karolina Tovar says:

This is one of the cutest cooking video ever 💕😊

Yarisbeth Guevara Tenorio says:

se ve rico y fácil

Naytze suarez says:

i like this recipe i just made it for my mom👍

Loki Laker says:

ohhhh tnx exelente

98katman says:

Wonderful video by pretty young woman, thank you for sharing.

kim la says:

I do it too

Essa Jawara says:

Nice cooking

Jomar Flores says:

i loveeeeeee eggssss

The kös says:

Mmm very delicious

Joyce otu som says:

Wow, tank u soooo delicious

the crafty guy says:

So it's a fancy omelet?

Audreen Lima-Connors says:

Straining the egg mixture – who knew?

Fanatic Trash says:

Your accent is so cuteeee yooooo

Maricar Mañabz says:

that's is korean egg roll not Tamagoyaki 😂 Tamagoyaki in 🇯🇵 no carrot/no onion and no spring onion. It's very simple and tasty called Tamagoyaki.

Rojelyn Tolentino says:

do i need to chop the carrots thin ? isnt the carrots going to be raw and a little bit hard ?pls answer i need to do this for my grades were going to cook tomorrow ☺

megumi yagami says:


garvita kapoor says:


garvita kapoor says:


Lit says:

"It's quick and easy, everyone can make it and everyone likes it"


Nina Ardilla says:

wow easy to make it,,,

Raih Rizky says:

I love it..Thank you

roshie nanda says:

thankyou Eugenie,will definitely try to make one…

jfan4reva says:

I really like the idea of moving the roll half way back, then adding more egg. Also like the idea of straining the egg mixture.
Thanks Eugenie!

Golden Lion Media says:

This is not japanese food. it's just egg roll. It is so sick that japan always try to say everything is theirs.

Leonard Pasek says:

Love your technique in making these. Thank you so much for sharing!

Satina Dempsey says:

I can't do this come to my house

mistah stash says:

ur name supposed to be yujin bitch but u make it like American u talk like retarded!!

mistah stash says:

she's Korean make it good girl!!

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