Korean spicy stir-fried pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum: 돼지고기볶음)

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This Korean style spicy stir-fried pork is also sometimes called doejibulgogi, doejigogi-bokkeum, or jeyuk-bokkeum. It’s easy and fast to make! Full recipe: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/dwaejigogi-bokkeum

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Tim Jackson says:

Looks amazing!!!

Shane Howle says:

Done this recipe a few times now, great food!
Also love this lady's style
Pragmatic and funny, you can watch TV and hope it will turn out ok😂

Zapperf35taka Stabberstab94 says:

I am finally getting around to making this recipe and I'm doing it to day I already have the pork belly and the other ingredients to make it for dinner

michael says:

Thanks to you I have impressed my local Asian/Korean market with the knowledge you have given me, all I need now is your knife skills

neblier mutya says:

i love koren foods…since i meet my korean girlfriend shes always cook for me!!! i love it so much…:D

XeoRiDz Andrews says:

Each time i watched your videos i cant help but to drool lol

Jussie Tin says:

hmmm… where do u think u can buy the paste and flakes here in baguio??

astha shrestha says:

No need to add salt???

carolyn courtney says:

Maangchi I am really getting into Korean foods. What brand of gochujang pepper paste and flake should I buy?

Frances Apao says:

Thank you Maamgchi for this recipe!😘 went home late today and didn't know what to eat for dinner and I didn't want to prepare something complicated. I then came across this recipe. Me and hubby had an amazing late night dinner thanks to you!😘😘😘

z y says:

Looks very nice

Jadwiga Lebiedzinska says:

OMG !!! Super easy ,super delicious !!! I made it with chicken .

4seasonMountain Trekking says:

Really great, i will try in the Mountain.

Suzanna Hsu says:

i am.definitely going to try making this recipe.

Tae Yeon says:

you look traditions

kocho hei says:

great madam I do make this recepis yesterday wow omg good taste thank madam for the recepis have good times n healty always madam

Amy Qui says:

Hmmmmm I am salivating right now!!!looks very delicious

Hyland Capin says:

I love the diagonal cuts.

Hyland Capin says:

It's call yummy more please!!! 🙂

Maangchi says:

Greek caption is available now. Sofia Anna submitted the caption for my Greek speaking viewers! Thank you very much, Sofia!

Prince Tahir says:

love you I want to come Korea,ok help me.Thanks

ki4glx says:

WOW!!!! I am so glad I prepared this today. That was an outstanding meal with kimchi! Next time I will prepare more sides and bring friends over to try it. Thank you so very much!!!!

karen luz says:

I made this today and it's so yummy

Biodaemonium Art says:

This is delicious! I remade this dish and it came out so much better! Used a higher quality pepper paste and don't regret it. However I cooked the pork belly in low heat for about 15 minutes more. That helped the skin get soft and tender and it was soooo good. 😍

Hangfire says:

might need a bit more black pepper so it doesnt come out too bland 🙁

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