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Watch how to make a creamy, custardy panna cotta. Serve this traditional Italian dessert in individual ramekins topped with fresh berries. .

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රවීනා ප්‍රසාදිනි says:

can i use condensed milk

Jaden spec says:

how many does this yield?

emy tawfik says:

What is thé first ingrédient before thé gelatin

drawart277 says:

all the way from South Africa, I made this recipe and its just devine.thank you

Thanh Le says:

Thanks. It's so sweet.

ellyfant16 says:

Can i use gelatin sheets instead of gelatin powder?

Abdul Cheng says:

Can I use Agar Agar . I'm vegetarian. I can still eat dairy but gelatin is still a no no

naftalia amara says:

How much is the gelatin powder in spoon measurement? And can I substitute the skim milk with regular UHT milk? Thanks before!

Samantha Durrant says:

i like it👍👍👍👍😄

Shraddha Hudale says:

i have made it but it is not setting. please help

Bích Thanh Trương says:

Thanks for the video. I want my panna cotta to be rich and creamy, is it ok if I use whipping cream and whole milk? How many grams of gelatin can I use for 3000 millitte? Please rep me ASAP

baharastan m says:

I wanted to make for 4 serving…can u say me that how much cups or grams of ingredients I will need

baharastan m says:

can we use nestle cream

Kayla and Jazlene says:

I used this recipe to make this, and my panna cotta turned out really thick. It wasn't the texture of a regular panna cotta.

Javeria Naseer says:

two questions:
1: Can I use regular wipping cream instead of heavy cream?
2: what can I use in place of skim milk? Regular whole milk will do? Low fat milk?

Please help

Azra Al-Abbasiyya says:

thanks !could I use chinagrass as substitute to gelatin and if so how much quantity.

Sanchita Jain says:

okayy. thankyou

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