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No Bake, no cooking Instant fruit cream recipe.This fruit cream is also part of my Instant Indian desserts and sweets recipe. Yummy delicious Instant party dessert can be made in minutes and very refreshing.
Here is the quick ingredient list of Fruit cream:

• Plain Thick curd or yogurt: 1 cup,
• Whipped cream or cream fresh: ¼ cup,
• Saffron or Kesar strings: 4-5,
• Cardamom or elaychi powder: 2 pinches,
• Sugar: 2 tbsp,
• Almonds and Pistachios: 8-10 each,
• Fine chopped apple: ¼ cup,
• Fine chopped bananas: ¼ cup,
• Chopped grapes: ¼ cup,
• Pomegranate seeds: ¼ cup,
• Milk: 1 tsp

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Indu Bhati says:

It's yummy looking good …………

Mehak Hina says:

Wipped cream or cream fresh mea khuch b use kr sktea hea Maam

Purnima Verma says:

Mam you are looking

Heena Qureshi says:

mam its too good and so delicious but i have one suggestion for you please never mind. ..
i made it yesterday but i used hung curd and some more cream and its too much delicious and i used some another fruits and nuts also…
thanks for sharing with us this lovely recipe
keep cooking and god bless you..

Amreen K. Husain Shaikh says:

I tried it today, it turned out great ,my husband loves it too…

Shweta Soni says:

curd khattha.. lena hain yaan phir meetha

naman rohilla says:

so much easy and good and I am also new

Priti Ranawat says:

can v use ghar ki malai or whipping cream or amul cream in dis receipe???

chand khan says:

ok thank you

chand khan says:

can I add kiwi in place of banana ????🤔🤔

Dristi Poudel says:

i love your dish

glinda biaca says:

i am new in your channel i love your recipes i will try this thank you shilpi❤❤

Afreen Agadi says:

it is very lovely

Rajesh dixit says:

bakvas nahi mast hai

•Alia bhatt • says:

hey shilpi thanks for dis video 😘

Khusro Mohd says:

wow i just love it and you are so pretty shilpi

Nesrin Nesi says:

am new to ur channel….. just subscribed…. awsm

funny sunny says:

hi mam ..can v use fresh malai instead of cream

rajne Bansal says:

hi thanks shilpi for reply ap ki all dishes try karti hu I like your dishes veg mix my son like this very much

Tejaswini Ragini Bhati says:

Very Nice Mam
It's Awesome
Superb !!!!!

rajne Bansal says:

hi mam cream cheese cake k liye kasy banty hai please reply thanks

rajne Bansal says:

hi mam cream cheese cake k liye kasy banty hai please reply thanks

rajne Bansal says:

hi mam cream cheese cake k liye kasy banty hai please tell you thanks

anshu wadhwani says:

your videos are just awesome and you film them in a very particular way which is the best part of your video….. they are very short and to the point, you dont add what is not needed…. that is why we love your videos…. thankuee!!

Julien Mars says:


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