8 Amazing Veggie Burgers

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ykagz007 says:

isn't mozzarella a dairy products ?

ykagz007 says:

i am a meateater

not that kind of meat

Bhavani Lukka says:

Cauliflower was best

Katie Smith says:

I'm a meat eater, but looking to incorporate more veggie based meals into my diet and I think I'll have to try that black bean and corn burger! 😄

Jataro says:

Lol. Why is "wtf" in the thumbnail? Is it such a surprise to people that burgers can have no meat too? Ice cream sandwich/burger, some sort of desert burger, veggie burger, breakfast burger that could include pancakes. I never knew burgers with no meat was such a rare sight for people. Lol

Umi de Vries says:

omg..they want meat but they dont want to eat meat.. so they have an idea from bean and make it look like meat… fake people.. just eat meat!!!

cfostyfost says:

As a carnivore, these burgs look dank af

Liubov Ulitina says:

will it be ok to replace sweet potato with regular potato?

unbranded bleach says:

im not a vegetarian but ill def give this stuff a go! looks amazing! just might add more spice. im obsessed with spicy haha!

Ikram Ali says:

Absolutely disgusting

jan king says:

I would eat them

James M says:

Egg on that black bean and corn burger guys! Come on

brandon vargas says:

Grilling a portabella mushroom with a little smoke then finishing it with stuffed bean and chipotle in the oven sounds like it'd make an amazing burger you don't have to imitate meat just make it taste good and I'll eat it

Sophie Mills says:

I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I rather have a meatless burger anyday

Kat DK says:

Yum yum. My kids are gonna love these burgers.

Lily S says:

They look delicious. What are measurements for the ingredients ?

Saira Allen says:

I’m baking the chickpea sweet potato burger right now and I’m pretty sure I screwed up.

Xxnajijixx Lilly says:

Anyone else go to the description before watching any video?!

Just me????


dolly dee says:

Veggie burgers mixed with egg ….. kind of defeats the purpose lol

Tristan Frodelius says:

I wish vegan cuisine that isn't based on trying to emulate nonvegan food got to be the spotlight thing. Making vegan food that tries to replicate meat-based dishes the primary focus, as it so often is, does a disservice to vegan cooking.

yolo ami says:

i m non vegetarian
but these burger ideas are fab!
i must try these all. and too much meat is Bad for health!!! though its yummy. but its bad.

Komyomyomyom ymyomyom says:

Coffee beans for a burger? Weird but no problem lol we even have coffee beans brb

Edit: nvmd it says black beans

Johnny Nguyen says:

Might as well have a separate channel for vegetarians. I went vegetarian this year and I'm planning on sticking with it. I'm just a happy man lately.

Leary Suhari says:

Yes!!!! Thanks for this amazing vegan

Jazmine Latisha says:

Kinda what to try these even though I’m not a vegetarian

Diamond Destruction says:

There is nothing wrong with vegetarian every once in a while. Even if you love meat, eat a salad with a little cheese and beans and carrots. It’s good not to eat meat every once in a while

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